I hired Michael Gast for my custody battle. He was an amazing lawyer straight forward and to the point and helped me with everything i needed or didn’t understand would high recommend him! Very nice guy and was willing to talk at any time you needed him or needed his help!

– Michael

Mr. Gast helped me get what I wanted and more in a very difficult divorce. I was very worried and scared going through a divorce trial. However, Mr. Gast excels in the courtroom, and I knew he was working hard for me and my family. He prepared me for what would happen in a trial, and I felt at complete ease even being cross examined. Mr. Gast knew what evidence he needed from me and used it wisely in the trial. Mr. Gast has been a lawyer for a long time, so I trusted his judgment, and everything turned out even better than I expected. He has a lot of experience working with judges and knows how to best present your case. Even with difficult witnesses Mr. Gast was able to get the key issues brought out, and I knew great preparation had gone into being ready for those moments. Throughout the trial I always felt that I had a great warrior on my side. On a lighter note, Mr. Gast is a great storyteller and can help take your mind off the trial. He helps you relax just by telling you stories that put your mind at ease. You can laugh with him and trust his judgment. I highly recommend Mr. Gast representing you if you’re going through a divorce, especially one going to trial.

– Pollykate

I know the card says Divorce Lawyer, but he comes up when you search for traffic violations too. From the beginning, he made the biggest but reasonable promises. While others were talking about how to avoid jail time, he was talking about stents, lowering the fine and avoiding points and record. Throughout the whole process he was very professional and despite my first expectation did not over-promise at all. In fact when it came to the hearing, he got the state’s attorney to dismiss all charges!! He seems to know the judges and seems to be able to predict their decisions very well. I can only recommend Micheal Gast.

– Will

First, I would like to offer my sympathies if you are reading this review. You are absolutely enduring one of the worst and most challenging times of your life. I’m sorry. That said, Michael Gast was a stable and sane force when it seemed everyone around me appeared to be losing their collective minds. My situation was particularly painful, because we were up against one of the most belligerent and pugnacious attorneys in the county. An attorney that clearly preys on emotional distress. She was absolutely unreasonable, irrational and in my opinion, unethical from the start. Her clear objective was to wear us down with unreasonable demands and minutia. Mr. Gast handled all of the insanity with a steady hand and mind and sincere demeanor which did, in the end, prevail. It is extremely difficult when the court system treats you like a criminal simply because of your gender and the pandering of the other side. It does seem like there will be no good outcome when you face a biased magistrate time after time. However, in the end, a judge did see the belligerence and dishonesty of the other side. When in front of a fair and reasonable judge, you want representation like that provided by Mr. Gast. Sincerity, honesty and restraint go a long way in the courtroom. As much as I wish that I didn’t need Mr. Gast’s services, he was the one bright light when everything seemed so bleak and dark.

– Thomas

I hired Michael Gast for my divorce and child custody. He was very reasonable on attorney fees knowing I didn’t have a lot of money. He is very knowledgeable on the laws and was able to give me several options and guided me through the best options for my particular case. Mr. Gast was always very well prepared and a very aggressive lawyer in the courtroom. He made sure my kids got to stay with me and that was the most important thing. I would definitely hire Mr. Gast for a child custody and divorce case.

– Ellen

I would highly recommend Attorney Gast for child custody. We are still in the midst of this case as we have been thrown every curve that could be thrown. Mr. Gast has worked tireless and kept me at east throughout. He has worked diligently and tirelessly on this case which has turned out to me more that expected. He is knowledgeable, dedicated and very experienced. I am so glad that he is my attorney. He is a first rate, trustworthy attorney.

– Stacey

I would absolutely recommend Mr. Gast needing representation and family law. Mr. Gast was our families advocate every step of the way his constant dedication and excellence resolved our case swiftly with positive results. During our trying stressful time Mr. Gast Comfort us with the utmost sincere patience and professionalism.

– Rena

Mr. Gast helped me win a custody battle that seemed hopeless. I’m so thankful I had a representative I could trust, and for his flexibility with my payments.

– Audrey

Had a wonderful experience with Michael he was nothing but kind and helpful in helping me resolve a difficult and stressful situation. I couldn’t have asked for a more determined advocate. I would highly recommend hiring him if you want to avoid being represented by someone less experienced, or someone who just doesn’t care (I had bad experiences before I came to him, but unlike other attorneys he resolved everything quickly and cheaply). I’ve since recommended him to several of my friends and co-workers

– Cynthia

Mr. Gast is the BEST lawyer I have ever worked with. By far he met all my expectations may have even exceeded them! If you have needs for seperation/divorce this is your man! Great job, keep it up.

– Claude

There should be more attorneys like Mr. Gast in our court systems. Mr Gast’s straight forwardness and personality was a plus for building our client/ attorney relationship. Mr. Gast was very informative of our case options, along with suggestions and outcome scenario’s. Very responsive to our custody case issues 24/7. Highly recommended.

– John

I consulted several attorneys regarding a custody case that I needed immediate help with. Money was very tight, so Mr. Gast was willing to work with us financially to set up a flat rate fee instead of working through a retainer. He was very understanding of the situation and discussed several options on how to pursue. His aggressive style helped move things along quickly, and custody/visitation was resolved within 3 months through a very beneficial settlement. We had discussed more aggressive options, and the benefit was the understanding of risk/reward of all options. Being reasonable about expectations helped us have a clear understanding of what we needed to do and allowed us to utilize the flat rate option with very minimal hassle. Overall, a great experience and I was more than satisfied with his services.

– Sam