Strong Divorce Advocacy To Protect Your Future

No one wins in a divorce. No matter how the property is divided or the amounts of financial support, divorce is a painful process. For some, a divorce is like surgery that may cause some initial pain, but ends up improving the quality of life, if not save it.

Specific aspects of our divorce practice include the following:

At the Law Offices of Michael Gast, the founder of our family law firm takes a dedicated and diligent approach to divorce actions. However, that aggressive approach does not equal a highly contested and contentious divorce action.

Divorce Can Protect Financial Futures And Save Lives

Many clients are seeking divorce because they have grown away from their spouse. Others discover infidelity and need to protect the marital estate, specifically joint bank accounts. An abusive spouse or parent addicted to drugs can also lead to divorce actions for the sake of protecting family members, specifically children.

Numerous divorces are the result of financial problems. Michael Gast‘s background as a bankruptcy attorney helps Maryland residents file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings in addition to their divorce actions. He is also skilled in representing military personnel and their spouses.

Contact A Lawyer If You Are Filing For Divorce In Frederick or Hagerstown, Maryland

While emotional ties continue to exist even in failing marriages, a business-like approach is sometimes necessary and provides perspective. A marriage lasting years and decades often goes through the hills and valleys that life brings. However, if the valleys seem bottomless and the hills seem insurmountable, steps need to be taken to end the marriage.

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