Protecting Children In Child Custody Disputes

In many ways, children are the true casualty of divorce. While parents may feel pain and loss, sons and daughters are left with fear and uncertainty. When their best interests are not prioritized by their parents, lifelong damage can be done to not only relationships with the parents, but other people in their lives.

At the Law Offices of Michael Gast, our founder believes in protecting children from the trauma of divorce. Our founder has seen the impact on children when their parents use them as pawns to get what they want. While parents splitting up have an impact, parents at war with each other can cause sheer devastation.

A Maryland Family Lawyer Putting Children First In Custody Cases

Michael Gast has witnessed far too many parents disparage each other in front of their children. Up to a certain age, kids become keenly aware of their parents’ less-than-civil behavior and remember it for the rest of their lives. With firsthand experience and insight into these “wars,” our founder strives to achieve a balance between aggressive representation for his clients and compassion for their children.

There is no substitute for experience in retaining an attorney to handle a primary custody or legal custody case. These legal matters are very personal, combining emotionally charged issues with legal complexities. You need an attorney who has witnessed the ugly side of divorce. For more than 20 years, Michael Gast has put the best interests of children first in child custody matters and encouraged his clients to do the same.

Contested child custody cases are financially damaging as well. You can spare your children the battle while sparing yourself the expense, both personal and financial, through mediation.

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