Helping Resolve Complex Legal Issues In Divorce

When the parties to a divorce must divide a significant amount of marital property, determining a fair division requires a clear, objective assessment and tough negotiation. The Law Firm of Michael Gast has been guiding clients through high asset divorce and complex property division matters since it was founded in 2004.

Founding attorney Michael Gast is a litigator. He has earned a reputation as a tough courtroom advocate who is able to argue tenaciously and persuasively in court. However, we know that not every divorce should go to court — in some cases, mediation and negotiation should resolve the financial issues in divorce.

A Frederick, Maryland, Divorce Lawyer

Whatever your goals in divorce, we have the capability to represent your interests. Because of our reputation and history, we are able to work with knowledgeable professionals, including:

  • Mediators. Michael Gast has developed business relationships with respected and knowledgeable mediators throughout Frederick County and Washington County. If a resolution outside of court is a priority for you, we can help you throughout mediation.
  • Forensic accountants. Our firm regularly uses experienced forensic accountants to ensure each party to the divorce is fully aware of the financial situation of each party.
  • Valuation experts. If a small business or business interest is involved in your divorce, we can help you obtain a fair assessment of its worth. Our experience in contested divorce means we know who we can rely on to be an accurate and confident witness at trial, if necessary.

Putting Your Financial And Emotional Interests First

At the Law Offices of Michael Gast, we believe that your property division lawyer should be honest and genuinely care about your emotional and financial situation post-divorce. Because we believe the practice of law is a profession, not a business, we always put our clients’ interests first.

Whether you need help protecting a business interest, obtaining financial support during or after divorce, or keeping your retirement assets on track, we can help.

Call (301) 732-6410 for a free initial consultation. From our main office in Frederick, Maryland, we represent clients throughout Frederick County and Washington County. We also meet clients in Hagerstown. If you prefer, you can also reach us online.