Drunk Driving Criminal Defense

A drunk driving charge can have a significant impact on your life. After your arrest, you may be unable to drive, making it difficult to work. You may be facing a criminal record that can harm your job prospects. If you are a commercial driver, your way of making a living is at risk.

A Former Prosecutor And Veteran Defense Attorney Can Help

DUI lawyer Michael Gast is a former prosecutor who has spent much of his career defending the rights of those accused of drunk driving. At the Law Offices of Michael Gast, our experience allows us to clearly assess your case from the outset. We provide an honest and informed legal analysis of your situation and options, and the potential consequences of the choices before you.

A Detailed Examination Of Your Case

We will examine whether police had probable cause to pull you over. We can cross-examine police regarding field sobriety tests. We can suggest alcohol treatment programs that may benefit you and even help you in your criminal matter.

Misdemeanor And Felony DUI/DWI

We defend people accused of:

  • First-time driving under the influence
  • Repeat-offense DUI
  • Driving while impaired (DWI)

From our main office in Frederick, Maryland, we represent clients throughout Frederick County and Washington County. We are also able to meet clients at our office in Hagerstown.

We Provide Free Initial Consultations

Any drunk driving charge has the potential to seriously alter your life. At the Law Offices of Michael Gast, we can help you get a measure of control back over the situation with a detailed analysis of your case. We provide free initial consultations. Call us at (301) 732-6410, or schedule your consultation online here.